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How long does it take to withdraw from Deriv?

Before you get started using a broker like Deriv, the first thing you need to look at is how you are going to withdraw and deposit from them. In this article, we are going to be looking into Deriv deposit and withdrawal methods and how each one takes

If you don’t know what Deriv is you can read the article here

In short, Deriv is a trading broker that allows you to trade different instruments on the forex market. They are popularly known for offering synthetic indices instruments like the Volatility 75 and Boom and Crash. You can check their website here

Deriv has different ways to withdraw money from your account and each way has a different period of time it takes.

Withdrawing from Deriv using Cards

How to withdraw on Deriv using Cards

 Deriv has different cards that they accept on their payment system. They have like VISA CARDS, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, DINERS CLUB INTERNATIONAL

Cards are the most preferred way by traders to withdraw from their Deriv account the reason being they are safe. But unfortunately for most countries especially in the African Region, you find out that cards don’t work well

But if in your country, the banking system and you have access to any of the cards mentioned above, here is how long it takes.

For all Cards, the deposits happen instantly and withdrawals should take 1 working day. This means if you withdraw with a card, you should receive your funds in 24 hours.

You also need to note that the Mastercard and Maestro are only working for UK-based people. But there are a lot more ways to withdraw so let’s look into the next one

Withdrawing from Deriv using Online Banking

How to withdraw on Deriv using Online Banking

If you have an online bank then chances are you can use it to withdraw and deposit from Deriv. But most of the banks are on the Asian side. So if you are from Asia then chances are you can withdraw using Paytrust, Help2Pay, Dragon Phoenix, Zing Pay, and NganLoung.

For most of these payment methods deposits happen instantly but withdrawals take 1 working day.

Withdraw from Derv Using Ewallets

Ewallets have become popular in online payment methods and Deriv also accepts most of the eWallets that work internationally. Currently, there are 16 ewallets that you can use on Deriv. You have FasaPay, Perfect Money, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Airtm, and more.

You can check more payment methods here

For most payment methods, deposits happen instantly and withdrawals take 1 – 2 working days.

These are screenshots of the payment methods that are offered on the Deriv website.

how to withdraw on Deriv using Ewallets
how to withdraw on Deriv using Ewallets

Withdraw on Deriv using CryptoCurrency

Crypto is now something that almost everyone has right?. If not why don’t you get your hands into this digital currency you have always seen in the movies?

Ok for Deriv deposits and withdrawals, you can also use CryptoCurrency like BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, USDCOIN, TETHER.

For crypto, you have no minimum deposits, and also the deposits happen instantly as soon as you confirm your transfer from your crypto-wallet.

how to withdraw on Deriv using Cryptocurrency

 If you choose to use crypto, you also want to verify your account in Deriv to make the withdrawal process fast.

Using Fiat’s onramp

Deriv also allows you to buy crypto on popular exchange platforms like Changelly or Xanpool directly into your Deriv account. But you need to understand that this method is for deposits only.

Deriv Fiat

Withdrawing from Deriv using Dp2p

The Deriv has an internal money exchange system called the Dp2p, or Deriv peer-to-peer exchange. This means you can withdraw money by finding another trader who wants to deposit, so you send him money into his account and he sends you money in your local payment methods in your country.

withdrawing from deriv using peer to peer

This method doesn’t sound that safe, but Deriv actually solves disputes by making sure that they don’t release the funds from your account until you confirm that you have received the offline payment.

When using this method, you also want to make sure that you communicate with the counterpart in the Deriv P2p platform chat platform.

Click here to watch a video that teaches you how to use the DP2P methods

Can you withdraw from Deriv without Verification?

This is a very common question also. Yes, you can withdraw from Deriv without verification but you have a limit of $10 000.

So if you withdraw more than $10 000 then Deriv will ask you to verify your identity and proof of address

What the minimum deposit for Deriv?

For Deriv, the minimum deposit is $5 but if you are using crypto, you can use as low as you want.


Now that’s there payment methods offered by Deriv and how long each method takes to complete the payment.  For most payment methods, deposits happen instantly and withdrawals take 1-2 working days. I think it’s a very payment system

If you don’t have an account with Deriv, click here to create one

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